Business Process Management with ISCOM and Aeneis

Aeneis is the easy-to-use, professional BPM tool with which you intelligently and flexibly build, analyze and document business models.

Aeneis is the tool for successfully mastering a variety of scenarios!



Master a variety of tasks with a single BPM software! Aeneis supports all “process-oriented projects” in companies such as software implementation, development of QM integrated management systems, compliance manual etc. Aeneis provides customized solution packages for every type of BPM task.- now and in the future!



With Aeneis you configure not only processes but your entire business!




Gather your relevant facts like goals, regulations, organizational units and link them intelligently with each other and with the business processes. Powerful functionalities such as versioning, historization, rights management, variant management, PRINT and WEB editors etc. assist in the detection, analysis and documentation of all contents!



Top performances in all areas:

 ➡ Intuitive use

– Drag-and-drop process organization
– Continuous zoom, in to the smallest detail
– Can do even purely graphical modeling
– Surf the company through its BPM portal


 ➡ Powerful functionality

– Versioning with approval workflow
– Activity-based costing and comparison of alternatives
– ERP and CIP workflow interfaces
– User/rights concept and historization 

➡ Flexible adaptation

– Task-oriented user interface
– Expansion of the meta-model
– User-defined analysis and reports
– Individually designed shapes and workflows


 ➡ Exceptional cost-effectiveness

– Modular configuration with single-/multi-user license structure
– Integration of expansions, future-proof technology
– Reasonably priced basic module with continuous expandability

Intuitive use: Aeneis thinks like you

For continued success, BPM must go beyond wishful thinking, or it will end up in a drawer. It needs to be supported by all employees, from modelers to senior management.

A prerequisite for this is that it must be intuitive, easy to learn and  comfortable to operate, making it possible to produce an attractive, customizable publication in the intranet and/or in print.

Aeneis offers excellent ease of use, many attractive publication possibilities and efficiency-enhancing features that make the job easier, clearer, error-free and enjoyable.



Powerful functionality: Aeneis is flagship BPM software

For the continued success of your business process management it is vital that you don’t end up in a dead end. Your BPM tool needs a seamless extension option, covering the entire range of BPM functionalities.

SAP synchronization, activity-based costing, interfaces to workflow engines, versioning, reference models, user and access control, comparison of variants and change management/CIP – Aeneis meets the highest standards, even for complex tasks. Aeneis is your reliable long-term companion, and can master any project or task, even in the future.


Cost optimization and investment protection inclusive – how to guarantee your project success with a manageable budget


 ➡ BPM solutions should be enabled with low costs but a rapid start, yet seamless but extensible step by step up to the „full equipment“, also – thanks to future-oriented technologies – open up in the long term all further options – as well as reliably protect these investments.

 ➡ With Aeneis, the universal BPM software, you will enjoy this very granular modularity and variability to the highest technological level. ISCOM Consulting also offers customized support to sustainably secure the success of your BPM projects.

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