Communicating can be that easy!


Communicating can be that easy!


Whether you need to hold online meetings, interactive web conferences or online courses, Instant Meeting is the right solution for all types of online collaboration. With these communication solutions, you will not only save your wallet, but also contribute significantly to the comfort and well-being of your everyday life through the time saved. Do you want to improve your service and inspire your customers and employees alike?

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New year, even better solutions!

ISCOM Consulting continues to expand its portfolio of solutions in 2017.

Here we present our new solutions, products and services, further information will follow.

Synology NAS solutions

for professional use in small and large businesses.

Experience A Better Cloud

DiskStation Manager (DSM) is an intuitive web-based operating system found on every Synology NAS. It’s been designed to help you manage your data: documents, photos, music, videos and all other important forms of digital assets. With DiskStation Manager, it’s more than just storing data. DSM offers a various range of applications and services to bring more entertainment to your home life as well as better productivity at work.


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Merry Christmas!

Dear business partners,
as usual, the Christmas season has approached much too fast. We would like to thank you sincerely for your confidence in us and wish you and your loved ones a merry and peaceful Christmas and a successful New Year.

This year, instead of sending gifts, we decided to take part in the “donations instead of gifts” campaign. With this campaign, we support Unicef Germany and WWF Sweden as Corporate Club 2017.



Odoo 10, Key Features Part 3

Odoo Helpdesk

  • Odoo Helpdesk is the second brand new application in this release. This application will help you to better manage your customer service or support tasks. Creation of tickets is easy and can be done via email, live chat sessions, website forms, or even other third-part apps you may currently use. These tickets can be assigned manually, randomly, or balanced between team members based on your preference.
  • Additionally, a public FAQ or Forum can be easily added to your page with a dashboard to help you to get a full overview on your activities, actions, and performance KPIs.

New API & Performance

  • The old API code has been deprecated, resulting in massive speed/load time improvement.
  • Others changes in the backend also help to optimize overall performance, such as faster breadcrumb redirects.
  • The Website pages are much quicker due to QWeb compilation, page caching, and improved controllers codes.

So, without further due, Odoo 10 is available now!

Odoo 10, Key Features Part 2

Odoo Studio

Odoo Studio is a brand new application to help you to create or customize other Odoo applications. While previously a task only possible with the help of your developers, creating a new Odoo app is now more accessible even for non-technical users.

You can customize reports, easily update translations, customize actions, design custom views, create new menus, and more. The possibilities for customization opportunities are virtually endless.


Odoo Expenses

This application, as part of Human Resource Management, helps user to quickly and easily send their expense notes to their manager. Thanks to some of these new features, expense records can be sent by email with just a picture of the bill/receipt as an attachment.

Creating a record for reimbursement is now much simpler and can be done in just one click.

Reports have also been improved, allowing managers to quickly track individual employees, teams, or even expense/product types.

Odoo 10, Key Features Part 1

Odoo Website Builder

  • The web page editor has been completely redeveloped for better performance and optimized usability.
  • New features including the new media manager, a new customer Portal, as well as the new and improved Blog customization tools.

Odoo eCommerce

  • In the backend, the dashboard now flawlessly integrates with Google Analytics to allow smart tracking of all your sales flows and visitor traffic.
  • Two new payments providers are available in the Community Edition as well as Odoo Enterprise to help the entire community get started in selling with an online store!
  • New tools have been developed in order to better promote your online products such as the possibility to add multiple images within a single product, magnify those images, add attributes for specific products, and even the option to display the product price with or without the calculated sales tax to give you even more control over your online store.
  • Also included: delivery number tracking that alerts visitors in real-time when a product is out-of-stock with a product page warning.

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